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Turf Stone Driveway, Northampton

Though the snow persists here in Western Mass, this driveway in downtown Northampton is soaking up what comes from the intermittent melts.  Leeland Johnston and Patricia Trant, who put this turf stone in about 6 years ago, say that they get birds visiting the driveway through the winter…actually several robins on the morning I talked with them.  During the warmer seasons, the driveway doubles as a patio for sitting and barbeques.  The concrete blocks are designed with a diamond pattern that provides structural support for parked vehicles, but also spaces for grasses to grow right through the blocks.  Rainfall soaks in and irrigates the grasses and Leeland and Patricia pull out the mower as needed during the growing season.  If a stone were to break, they can dig it out and replace it.  Materials for this project came from Amherst Farmers Supply.


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